I believe in following your dreams & passions.

So should you.

Unlock 2 Unleash is a fun, exciting, and practical program for teens and school students helping them using their fears as fuel, giving them tools to heal their concerns, and using their inner Kwah (unshakable spirit) to reach their true extraordinary potential.

Using sport, games, art, movement culture, and the most fearsome activity of all, fearless communication, we can help each other go wherever we want – and beyond.

Unlock your child’s true nature

Every child is extraordinary. These are just some of the ways how we help our children reach the next level, using proven and time-tested activities and strategies they can use for life.


Dressing up and walking in someone else’s shoes shows us who we really are. Our workshops use performing arts to help kids connect with themselves, and each other.


Hyeeah! Movement culture and martial arts is not only fun and diverse, it teaches children and teenagers discipline, focus, and commitment. It really gets our Kwah flowing!


Get off your butt and move! Movement is one of my passions. Dance, tumbling, yoga, Pilates, juggling, and more! I teach kids that moving to music – or just moving! – is a great way of developing fitness and bodily awareness.


Over thirty years of field-tested research goes into each Unlock 2 Unleash workshop, from university study, statistical analysis, and parent (and child!) testimonials


Everyone has an artistic side. Creativity can’t be taught; but it can be nurtured. Our workshops encourage and cultivate your child’s innate desire for creation.


The results speak for themselves. After every workshop, your child’s Kwah and spirit goes away nourished, prepared for what’s ahead in life – and loving every minute of it!

Workshops for every age group

Unlock 2 Unleash is a learning program for life. We offer in-school one day and 10 week programs, weekend courses (teens and parents), and week-long camp style trips.

Join the Unlock 2 Unleash Academy

Great for teens and adults, the Unlock 2 Unleash Academy is a range of self-directed, six-week courses based on the core teachings of Unlock 2 Unleash, delivered online – or in person with Sanford!

What People Are Saying

“His method of clear instruction, good-nature and correctness means that his student warm to him and wish to perform at their best. I have observed quiet students blossom under his tutelage and loud, brash students tempered by his disciplined


Linda Clark, Mount Alvernia College

“My association with Sanford has taught me a great deal, he is an educator of the 21 st century; he fosters resilience in the young people he works with; he enables excellence and assists all around him to reach their potential.”

Debra Evans, Student Learning

“Sanford’s passion is to assist young people in unlocking their innate, unlimited potential, reminding them that the greatest obstacle lies only within themselves. Sanford has always shared a belief that, by overcoming these hurdles from within, youths are capable of tapping into their limitless capabilities existent within their own lives.”

Yunwei Chai, Youth and Children’s Counsellor

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